Stop/Start Batteries

What are Stop/Start batteries?

Stop/start batteries are constructed from different materials and are able to hold more charge. They are designed for vehicles whose engine switches off instead of idling when the car comes to a halt – for example at the lights or in traffic.

How does Stop/Start work?

Vehicles fitted with stop/start technology have computer systems designed to detect when the car is stationary, or out of gear, at which point it stops the engine which in turn immediately stops fuel usage, and therefore emissions.

What benefits do Stop/Start batteries provide?

  • Stop/Start batteries greatly reduce emissions and fuel usage.
  • They can save you between 5 and 8% in fuel costs.
  • They are beneficial to the environment both from a pollution and fossil fuel perspective.

Why are Stop/Start batteries different?

  • They are more powerful than traditional batteries and constructed differently.
  • They are able to deal with the strains created by the vehicle being started many times per journey.
  • They can handle the vehicle’s electrical systems still being powered even when the engine is off on a frequent basis (even a short journey can see the engine started 20 times).

All of this would be too much of a strain for a traditional car battery, so vehicles with stop/start technology should have a stop/start battery fitted.

Trust Farmer Autocare for all your Stop/Start battery needs

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