Tyre Sizes and Speed Ratings

1. Finding your car's tyre size

There are usually 4 places you can find this:

  1. On the sidewall of your current tyre
  2. The label inside your cars driver door
  3. Inside your fuel cap
  4. In your car's manual

2. Understanding tyre sizes

185 = WIDTH of the tyre, shown in millimetres.

60 = PROFILE indicates the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the width, i.e. 60%

R14 = RIM SIZE is the inside diameter of the tyre down in inches

91 = LOAD INDEX shows the load-carryin capacity of a tyre. The hight the number, the greater its load carrying capacity

H = SPEED RATING indicates the maximum speed for the tyre when at full load. Find more information on speed ratings below.

3. Which speed rating is right for me?

A tyre’s speed rating is the maximum speed that the tyre is approved for by law. It ensures that the tyre you buy is correct for the speed of the car it’s fitted on. You can increase the speed rating of your car’s tyres for improved performance, but if you decrease it then you must NOT drive any faster than the tyres speed rating.

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