Michelin Tyres


Michelin Tyres

Michelin Tyres

Michelin has tyres for any vehicles, from cars, tractors, planes and even to mining and construction vehicles. As one of the leading tyre manufacturers, Michelin was awarded the prestigious prize from the 2019 Tire Technolgy International Awards for “Tire Manufacturer of the Year”

Also known for the iconic ‘Michelin Man’ also has a well-known track record in the world of Motorsport providing tyres for endurance races such as the well known 24 Hours of Le Mans, proving that Michelin can provide tyres for any situation.

At Farmer Autocare we stock a large range of Michelin Tyres, whether it be for your car, van or performance vehicle we will have the tyre for you.

Michelin Tyres
All tyre prices include:
 Fitting  New Tubeless Rubber Valve  Wheel Balance  Old Tyre Disposal

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